About Us

Living in Canada as an expat is complex enough.

Stateside makes life easier for Americans living in Canada and takes away the hassle by helping U.S. citizens living in Canada become and stay compliant with their U.S. taxes. Stateside is proud of helping people that makes sense for their individual tax situation. We endeavor to make the process of filing U.S. taxes a hassle-free one and a necessary step as part of your decision to reside in Canada.

Stateside assists Canadians that own U.S. real estate held as rental properties to file yearly non-resident tax returns. Stateside also files for Canadians that have sold personal use property in the U.S.

Our Staff

We provide personal tax advice to our customers having expertise in the Canada/US tax treaty and US tax laws that affect expat taxes. Stateside has clients in all provinces of Canada. We are proud of our extensive experience in providing US tax services to US citizens living in British Columbia or the Northwest Territories.

We’re Flexible

We make the process of filing taxes fast and easy by providing customers with a secure online system for sharing confidential documents. We provide explanation of the required documentation and information required to file your US return. We work with your Canadian accountant to file your US return.

The Story Behind Stateside

Stateside founder Stephanie Stickler is a Canadian citizen who moved to Delaware to attend the University of Delaware for her accounting degree. While living in Delaware she met her now husband who is an American. She obtained her CPA while working in a firm downtown Wilmington, Delaware. At Belfint, Lyons & Shuman is where she found her love for preparing US taxes. Stephanie later was employed at Dupont Teijin Films headquartered in Wilmington and obtained her MBA from Drexel University. It was in 2002 that her husband became a permanent resident to Canada and she moved back to my hometown of Belleville, Ontario.

In 2003 she started preparing US returns for Canadian that owned US rental properties. It was in 2009 that Stephanie’s phone started ringing non-stop as Americans living in Canada became aware that they were required to file a US return even though they had not earned any income in the US.


About Stephanie

About Stephanie Stephanie Stickler, Certified Public Accountant

Stephanie Stickler completed her studies in the U.S. and lived there for ten years. Stephanie is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) registered in the state of Delaware since 2000. Her undergraduate degree is in accounting from Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. In 2001, she graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Masters of Business Administration from Drexel University Lebow College of Business in Philadelphia, PA. She spent years preparing tax returns while working for Belfint, Lyons and Shuman, an accounting firms headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. She also worked for Dupont Teijin Films and the Federal Government of Canada.

Stephanie Stickler is a Canadian citizen and moved back to Canada in 2002. In 2004 she started Stateside Tax Solutions, a business assisting Canadians with their U.S. tax filings. Over the past ten years she has prepared hundreds of tax returns for U.S. Citizens living in Canada and Canadians owning U.S. rental and personal properties.

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